250k GTD Tournament Tailgate Edition

Ignition Casino

Every year, this great online casino has a Superbowl party for its loyal customers - and newcomers are welcome to join in, too! Super Bowl Weekend is clearly an event that happens every year at the end of the first month of the New Year, so there's always one either around the corner or 11 months away! This so-called Tailgate Edition of the $250k GTD Tournament almost always occurs specifically on Super Bowl Saturday or Sunday in the early evening - 5pm or so.

You and all of your friends only have to buy in with $7.70 to get a hefty slice of the action for the Main Event. But what's the incentive to buy in, you ask? A nice piece of the $250,000 prize cash count, that's what. It's better to buy in early every year; that is, several weeks or days before the actual Main Event. If you choose to delay your entry, then it'll cost you a considerable $325 to get in the game the day of. It might still be worth it at this price, since the prize is $250,000, but why delay - especially when it is costly? Follow the directions in order to qualify and for best results in your entry plans.

Qualifying for the 250k GTD Tournament Tailgate Edition

It is very easy and straightforward to enter in your qualification details for this exorbitantly compensatory tournament. Every year, the qualification time period starts around January 18th and ends right up to the very day of the event on February 3rd (there are some years in which the days might be off a bit; but always check back here to see the update or to get an idea of the date ranges). There's also a complete schedule of qualifiers on the primary website, so that you know and understand the fees before you're tasked to shell out a bit of your hard-earned cash.

And then, at about 5pm - again, the time might change a bit from year to year - the $250k GTD Main Event will be unveiled on the 3rd of the month of February. You are guaranteed to have a grand time if you enter, with the adrenaline rushing as you inch nearer to the win. We wish you the best of luck.