Play Money Vs Real Money Texas Holdem

There are differences when playing real money Texas Hold'em poker to when you are playing with play money...huge differences. It's like the old saying means more when there's money on it, and this could never be more appropriate when speaking of Texas hold'em poker. At the play money tables you will see an awful lot of players who simply do not care. They are not playing seriously, not really trying to learn the game and are just throwing chips into the pot, often going all in with almost every hand. It can in fact be very frustrating when trying to learn poker when playing fun money Texas hold'em and anyone who really wants to learn should either play in freeroll tournaments where there is at least a little money at stake, or take the plunge and deposit a little cash, enabling you to play real money Texas hold'em.

The Problem with Play Money Ring Games

As mentioned above, not many players will take things seriously enough at play money tables for you to be able to learn how to play the game. It is no good for you when playing against a group of players who are raising and shoving all in on every pot. Should they lose, it doesn't matter, they can simply and easily top up their accounts with fun money chips and play again...there is no risk involved. To learn to play Texas hold'em with any degree of skill you simply need to be playing real money poker, however that doesn't mean to say that you have to play for anything more than very small stakes. Play money poker will give you the very basics, i.e the game setup, the basic rules and the hand rankings, however to learn those only takes a very small amount of time, for some people even just a few hands, and after that, you should seriously consider small or micro stakes Texas Hold'em.

The Benefits of Playing Low Stakes Texas Hold'em When Learning

By moving swiftly to real money tables, after playing a short time at the play money tables you will notice massive differences in the way players go about their game. The ridiculous all in calls will almost all disappear and play will be so much tighter and this is where you can practice your game properly. You will of course still see very soft play and loose action, however you can learn the game, and you can in fact learn to pick up on the loose play, both helping you learn and earn a few bucks at the same time. Real money Texas Hold'em poker is the only way to learn how to get to grips with the game, you simply do not learn a thing at a play money table where players are throwing chips around and risking everything on nothing cards.