Bugsy’s Club Poker Review

There are a number of online poker websites around today and many of them are really just the same old version of the ones that are already on the market. Bugsy's Club however is different. The name Bugsy is a name that has been used in a number of movies to portray a gangster character from the 1930s or 1940s. Of course, the public perception of poker is from those movies and in designing the theme of their website after this type of perception, Bugsy's Club has brought some of the old charm back to the game of poker.

Bugsy's Club Poker for US Players

Bugsy's Club has helped lead the charge back into the American markets and is one of the online poker rooms that does indeed accept American players at its online playing facilities. Of course, if you have a law in your region that prohibits online gambling, then you will also be prohibited from playing at Bugsy's Club. Check with your local authorities to find out if such a law exists as the list of states that don't allow online gambling is fluid and changes regularly.

Bugsy's Club Poker Software

The Bugsy's Club software is perhaps the main criticism that one could level against the website should they so choose. The software can be choppy at times and many people would argue that it is not particularly attractive. However, the functionality of the software is excellent and one thing that you don't have to worry about as you play through the software is your games freezing up because of something wrong with the Bugsy's server.

Bugsy's Club Poker Games

The games that one plays at Bugsy's club are quite intense and all of them are poker variants of one sort or another. The traffic that the website gets should put it somewhere in the lower second-tier of poker websites and therefore what this essentially means is that a lot of the games that you play, especially if they are not no limit hold 'em games, might be difficult to find at non-peak hours.

Bugsy's Club Poker Welcome Bonus and Promotions

Poker websites appear to be constantly trying to outdo each other with the welcome bonuses, all to the advantage of the player. The Bugsy's Club promotions are top class and of course they are lead by the flagship welcome bonus offer of $50% up to $1,000. This is simply a fantastic bonus to be a part of and if you are truly interested in winning lots of money just for playing the game, the Bugsy's Club is most definitely where you want to be.

Bugsy's Club Poker Payment Methods

Bugsy's Club offers the following deposit methods to players: NETeller, ePassporte, eWalletXpress, credit card, debit cards, 900pay, wire transfer and cashier's check.

Bugsy's Club only allows a player to cash out once per week and when they do cash out they have the following methods to choose from: NETeller, ePassporte, eWalletXpress, wire transfer and cashier's check.

Play Bugsy's Club Poker Now!

Now that you know exactly what you are going to get out of playing at Bugsy's Club, why not go ahead and get that done right away? You only have to head over to the website, download the game and install it on your computer in order to get up and running with the poker website. Installation only takes a few minutes and a few minutes more will see you set up with a new account and ready to take on the world in the online game of poker on your terms and in your best variants.