Bitcoin Poker Tournaments

Bitcoin is the world's top cryptocurrency, and has seen a rise in the past year from just a few pennies to a peak of over $20,000 per. As such, it's all the rage for many casino gamers as well as offline merchants and vendors. In particular, poker players are really feeling the benefits as more online gaming spots incorporate Bitcoin into their public offering, in the form of Tournament play, deposit and withdrawal options. The Poker games are almost identical to the Live Casino Table Games that you're used to; the only difference is that the money involved is driven by the cryptocurrency boost. This has the added benefit of smoothing out transactions, since Bitcoin does not require a central bank to use. You just need your unique wallet and the address attached to it to send and receive crypto. Furthermore, it is a multinational form of currency, since users from anywhere in the world can access it without restriction.

You'll be happy to know that the Bitcoin Tournament is open to all, whether you mine your Bitcoin personally, or buy previously-mined ones from somebody else's use of the blockchain calculations that produce it. In order to be effective, make sure you fully understand how to use Bitcoin and what it's for; the casino is not responsible for this education. It behooves you to understand this stuff, so that you can engage in hassle free deposits and withdrawals with this fastest transit method. Professional gamers will need to understand Bitcoin even better than the average guy/gal. Once inside the Tournament Hall, it's up to you to pick the appropriate category from which you wish to game. The available options are:

  • Free Tournaments or FreeRolls: These don't require buy-ins, but they do pit you against other gamers in the same bracket, who only wish to play for fun. The best thing about these ones is that, despite the lack of buy-in cash, you are still eligible to win real cash and prizes at the end if you win. Generally, the casino at which you play the Bitcoin Tournament will still require you to participate in a points system; you'll accrue a certain number of these points before you're eligible to play in a FreeRoll Tournament. It's worthwhile to note that this is the case with just a few of the online casinos out there.
  • Real Money Bitcoin Tournament: These are precisely as the title reads. They are by far the best ones, as the droves of participants attest. You put up the small amount of cash to get started, which buys you in at the nominal rate. What's the benefit of these over the FreeRolls? Well, the prize money available is much higher, since it is usually taken from the pot of participants who put up the entry fee.

You haven't truly played the best an online casino has to offer if you've never tried a Bitcoin Poker Tournament. It's a multi-level type of game, in which everyone is invited; from beginner to advanced. You needn't be rolling in dough to take advantage of their offer, since there's no entry fee for many Bitcoin Poker Tournaments. But if you can spare some change, you'd be in for a shot at a bigger pot of cash.

As of this writing, Bitcoin is still the cryptocurrency of choice and a major player in the world currency market, with a market capitalization of well over several hundred billion dollars. Who knows? Perhaps it'll reach a trillion by year's end. In the meantime, if you've bought into the market, head on over to your favorite online casino and see what the Bitcoin Poker Tournament has to offer.