New Online Poker Site will pay you to play

There is a brand new online poker site called Quarter Poker and they will give you a quarter to cover the cost of a tournament if you will play. The reason for this move, which by the way is perfectly legal, is to bridge the gap between the play-money gambler and the real-money one. What better way than to pay players to play?

While we are only talking a quarter here, you can get a quarter every day and you only need to be up fifty bucks to cash out. If you bust you have to wait 24 hours to get back in. The new website has sparked a lot of controversy but again is legal since players never deposit money of their own.

Even stranger, no one knows who runs this site or where their funding is coming from. Some interesting investigating turned up that it might be a guy in Kansas which was revealed from a basic homemade video.

Quarter Poker claims to not plan to rake in any cash, just now. First, they need enough players to attract advertisers and there is the utterance of future membership fees. Here's the weird thing, the site launched on Sept. 29 and as of October 10 no one had won as much as even the fifty bucks required to cash out.

In fact, Facebook pages were full of nothing but complaints about disconnection issues and unpopulated tables. The software runs in web browsers so no download are required. So, truly this is not a gambling site but you do have to be 18 to play.