PokerStars Hoping For Entry Into California

If you have been around long enough you might of heard of the online poker site called PokerStars. This online company is hoping to make a headway with in the US online gambling or iGambling market. However, PokerStars is coming up against the US laws on online gaming. PokerStars is hoping to enter into California after having tried in other states. After PokerStars left the US market in November, it is trying really hard to get back here. At one point we thought they would be successful in entering the US market again.

Attempts By PokerStars

Even though it is the world's largest poker site, it was not approved to operate in Nevada when it tried to do so in 2013. However, it then went on to Delaware. Most people saw this as a half hearted attempt. However, 888 Casino and its partner were given approval over PokerStars to operate in Delaware. The next state PokerStars tried was that of New Jersey, but there was a bad actor clause in effect. This seemed like a good opportunity for PokerStars, but the state gambling enforcement suspended the application for 2 years.

Attempt in California

The next state that PokerStars is looking to become established inside of is California, and this is a serious attempt on PokerStars behalf. However, the legal act that is hanging over PokerStars head is the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, and it will be interesting to see how California approves or does not approve PokerStars in regards to this Act.