Poker Personalities - The Arrogant Player

Many of us have encountered some unique people when playing poker, we all notice that each person has a distinct personality, it often happens that these personalities are drawn out in a card game. We will teach you how to be able to detect and defeat one of the largest suckers in the game - The Arrogant Player.

Arrogance can be defined as an offensive display of superiority or of self-importance - as having overbearing pride. But first things first, we need to learn how to detect this breed of players. This is quite easy. You will notice that they are so proud, the arrogant player displays a distinct set of traits. Here is a list of the common characteristics to look for:

  • You will notice that they talk a lot, especially after they have won a hand;
  • They continually give advice throughout the game;
  • Are Fixated on opponent's "luck" after a bad beat;
  • They re extremely aggressive betters;
  • Will try to intimidate other players;
  • Will rely on getting into other players' heads;
  • They Frequently bluff;
  • If corrected they take it personally;
  • Will Justify any mistake they make by explaining their reasoning;
The arrogant/proud player might have a couple to all of these characteristics. Once you have identified the classically arrogant player then it is time to take them down.

It must be noted that there are some of the very talented poker players who show proud tendencies, being one of the best at the game it is difficult not to be proud.

The talented and proud players have the skills to be able to backup their pride and therefore they will won't easily be defeated. Our focus is on the novice players who have egos that are much larger than their ability and skills at playing poker. These are the people to target.

One of the best weapons against the arrogant player is to get into their head, and not allowing them to get into yours. The more you are able to beat the arrogant player, the harder they will try to redeem themselves. They will target you, because they like to intimidate other players and they rely on getting into their heads. Its Fortunate for you, the pride that will drive them will also be their pitfall.

One thing you will notice that the arrogant player HATES to lose., even thought they appear cool and calm, they will be seething inside with every hand you win. With each victory, you will need to endure more insults and the intimidation tactics metered out. Keep your cool and remember that these are signs that you will see them cracking.

This may appear to be a simple tactic, but believe us - it works. Arrogant poker players are your classic "let's go 2 out of 3" players. They won't rest until they have lost. You are more than likely a better player, and as long as you don't get discouraged by the aggressive betting and intimidation tactics. If you call out the proud player's bluff, that is a sure-fire way to get in his head.

When wining a hand against the arrogant player, you must appear as modest as you possibly can. You want to appear as if you are merely an average player that's hit a hot streak. You want to ensure that they think they can beat you. This will keep the arrogant player anger boiling and always him/her coming back for more, this means more money in your pocket.