Swc Poker

The SWC Poker platform is a unique place to play poker online in tournament and cash table formats. The online poker room is focused around playing poker using Bitcoin as the currency. This makes the site unique to play on versus other poker rooms, and it can be hard for some players to get used to initially, but it has a lot to offer to gamblers interested in playing poker online conveniently. Learn more about the site and all it has to offer down below.

Gamblers Can Come from Anywhere

Since SWC Poker relies on Bitcoin as its only funding tool, and money moves around freely on the bitcoin platform, there are no country restrictions at all. Players from anywhere the world can easily form an account and start playing on the site. This is one of the biggest benefits of playing at the site.

Register Fast

Getting started as a player at this site is quick and simple to do. Simply click on the Sign Up button and answer a handful of questions on the form. That's all it takes to create a new account and to prepare to begin wagering online. From there it only takes a moment to fund your account with a Bitcoin transfer and to start playing online.

Play without Registration is Not Possible

Unlike with some online casinos it isn't possible to play without going through the registration process at this site. That's because every single game must be played using real money. There is no free play mode to take advantage of here. That's bad new for any of the gamblers that like testing out casinos before joining to play using real money.

Choose from a Mix of Poker Types and Limits

Gamblers that decide to play at SWC poker have a good mix of different game types to choose from. They can play Stud, Hold'em, Omaha and Razz games depending on what they are most interested in. hold'em games are by far the most popular option, but there are some other tables running as well.

Wagering is Simple to Do for Everyone

After you've gone through the quick signup process you can easily begin wagering for real money at this poker site. That's because you only have to transfer money using your Bitcoin wallet. It's quick and simple moving your money in and the Bitcoin bits you transfer turn right into chips making the exchange rate very simple to work with as well.

Try to Win on Cash Games or Tournaments

Whether you are a tournament player or a cash game gambler you can play both types of poker at this online casino. For the gamblers that only way to stick with cash tables, there are always tables available to join at a range of different limit levels for maximum convenience. New tournaments are starting up regularly throughout the day, giving the players that prefer to wager in tournaments some decent options to make use of as well.

Leaderboard Prizes

The Krill VIP system tracks exactly what you are doing at the online poker room and how much money you're wagering over time. This system will reward you when you wager big and play at the site consistently. Over time you'll earn Krill points that you can use to win prizes, reach the top of the leaderboard and walk away with some nice benefits over time.

Krill Rewards VIP System

The VIP system offers gamblers Krill for playing in the different games they want to play. These special points can be exchanged for prizes and the amount earned only improves over time as gamblers commit to playing at the site. This is one of the best reasons to keep coming back and playing at the poker room.

Freeroll Tournaments

For the players that don't want to spend money playing all the time, there are regular freeroll tournaments that give players a chance to win real money even without risking any in the first place. Many of these tournaments offer smaller prizes, but they can still be worth playing for and they're a fun way to play poker as well. Keep a look out for the next freeroll tournaments and enter in for a chance to enhance your bankroll.

Works on Mobile

This online gambling platform is designed to work on most mobile devices without the need for an app or anything. The site just loads in the mobile web browser and runs the same as it would on a computer. That's one of the big benefits of playing on this site if you're a gambler that wants to play online poker on the go.

SWC Poker Uses an Instant Play Platform

This site is built so that it will run instantly whenever a gambler wants to get on and play. There isn't any sort of software download to go through in order to start as a gambler on the site. Instead, you can form your new account, sign into that account and just start wagering in your web browser. It only takes a few minutes to get going, and once you do you can enjoy all the different features of the casino site from there.

Read the Latest Blog Updates for More Information

This site has a regularly updated blog that gets new stores about the latest features that are being offered and the direction the poker room is going in. If you want to keep up with the site and all the features it's going to get, consider checking in with the blog to see the changes that are being made.

Bitcoin is the Only Banking Tool

There are many online poker rooms that allow its members to move their money around using Bitcoin as one of the deposit and withdrawal methods. Few sites only rely on Bitcoin to make those transactions. SWC Poker is one of the few sites that does it all that way. If you have to move money around anywhere, you have to use Bitcoin to move that money. This is a negative for gamblers that don't want to use Bitcoin, but for players that are comfortable with the process it's so simple to start playing here.

No Customer Support

We were a bit disappointed to see that customer support is not offered on the site. If you're looking for a way to get help while using the site you are out of luck. Instead, you will have to try and resolve any problems that you have while on the site on your own. There is an FAQ section available to players to help answer some simple questions about using Bitcoin, but that is it.

SWC Poker is a unique online platform that's fun to play on and good for gamblers that prefer to use Bitcoin forall their transactions. It's simple to get started at and offers decent wagering, but it isn't the best poker experience that you can have today. If you're looking for the top poker software, or a site that offers good solid support, you would be better off playing at another site. If you just want to be able to play a variety of poker games while using Bitcoin as your payment option, you will have a good time here.