Super Stack Poker

Super Stack Poker is a smaller poker room that offers an exciting mix of ring games and tournaments to take part in. The site gives gamblers the chance to pick between Texas Hold'Em and Omaha games. There are a mix of exciting features such as powerful filtering and some exciting promotions to take advantage of. Players interested in experiencing quality poker online should take a moment to look through this review on Super Stack Poker to learn about all that it has to offer.

Can Gamblers from Around the World Use Super Stack Poker?

Yes, players in most of the world have ready access to the casino other than gamblers in parts of Europe. Players from Canada, the United States and Australia can use the casino freely. Players in areas like South Africa, South Korea and other locations are free to use the site as well. Players in parts of Europe like Switzerland, the UK, Slovakia, Slovenia, Portugal, Hungary and Russia are limited on how they can use the site and what features are available to them.

Fast and Easy Registration

To being the registration process click on the "Sign Up Now" button. From there you simply have to enter in your personal information. After going through that quick process you can start playing at the poker room and trying to win real money pots against other players from around the world. Most new players get started the same day they sign up and this is simple to do.

No Play without Registration

Unlike many casinos that are around today, it isn't possible to play at this poker room without first going through the registration process. That means that players interested in testing out the site will have to take a few moments to register and to make a deposit before they can start testing.

The Most Popular Poker Variations

This poke room is designed for simplicity above all else. That's why the site only offers players access to Texas Hold'em and Omaha. The rest of the poker variations don't have as high of a following and they can't be found on the site. Gamblers that enjoy these two types of gameplay will enjoy their time at the casino.

Different Wagering Options

As a player at the poker room the wagering options are determined by the blinds of the room or the tournament. Most of the rooms go as low as $0.01 and $0.02 blinds and some can go as high as $10 and $20 blinds. This is a good blend of options for most gamblers and it makes it possible for them to play at a comfortable level regardless of their bankroll and skill level. Tournaments work in a similar way with different sized buy-ins for different level players.

An Exciting Blend of Tournaments

There is a thrilling mix of tournament options at Super Stack Poker that make it possible to play for different prize payouts and to try to win some exciting Freerolls as well for rewards without the cost. There is a weekly Freroll worth $500 that all players are eligible to take part in. There are also many other types of tournaments offered throughout the week that gamblers can join for different buy-in costs. The buy-ins are as low as a few pennies and they climb to $5.00 and over depending on the tournament.

Limited Promotional Offers

There are limited promotions available to the gamblers at this poker room. New or existing players both have opportunities to get into special tournaments, prize drawings and more by meeting specific conditions. As players wager at the different cash tables they will accumulate special bonus points that they can cash in for more money to wager with or special prizes. There are also special promotions for players that lose hands or gamblers that like to play in tournaments among other things. These special offers help give players more to look forward to at the poker room and help ensure players are earning consistent rewards as well.

A Rewards Program

This poke room offers a loyalty program that gives players points just for playing the different cash games available. The gamblers that wager the most frequently or for higher limits will unlock real rewards than the other players do. These special program makes gamblers feel like they are working toward something special and should help to improve their play experience substantially.

Engineered for Fun Mobile Play

The mobile platform for this poker room can only be described as simple. Players have access to the games from the room and that's it with this application. That means they can rapidly get into the games they want, but they won't have all the other features they might want access to.

No Mobile Apps

This poker room is designed to run a mobile browser and won't open in a special app for that reason. That means that the platform will work on more devices, though some players might be disappointed or uncomfortable if they are used to relying on apps to access their poker rooms.

Only Instant Play on Mobile

Gamblers that want to enjoy instant play on a full-sized computer can do so, but they have ot use the mobile website in order to accomplish this goal. That makes the site overly simplistic for computer users, but it does work. Laptop and desktop users need to download software to get the full-sized wagering experience, which can be time-consuming. Any gamblers just interested in playing as soon as possible will want to use a mobile device or at least use the mobile platform on a computer to start playing immediately.

No Blog or Forum

While some online wagering sites are home to blogs or forums for connecting and getting information, Super Stack Poker isn't one of them. That doesn't mean that the site doesn't offer good information though, or that it doesn't connect with its players. It just means that the site relies on other means to do so. Players can connect with one another in the poker rooms themselves and will quickly discover regulars playing there. If that's not enough, many gamblers can get the news that they desire from the home page of the site or the Rewards page that details new reward programs.

Very Few Banking Tools

There are very limited banking tools available for players to make use of. When making a deposit into the casino this includes things like credit cards and bitcoins. When making withdrawals from the casino the only solution is available it Bitcoin. These methods might not be enough for everyone, but for the players that don't mind using these methods they work quickly and easily.

Bitcoin is the Main Banking Tool

While it's possible to make a deposit using a credit or debit card, long-term players at Super Stack Poker must be comfortable using Bitcoin. That's because it's the only available withdrawal method. Players that want to take money out of their accounts must utilize Bitcoin in order to do so.

Rapid Customer Support Tools

Customer support at Super Stack Poker is quick and responsive thanks to all the different fast support methods that are available to users. Players in need of help can look through the FAQ section to find answers to their own problems. If that tool doesn't do the trick they can also contact the support team for help. Help is available through a dedicated phone number or through a Live Chat tool. Between both of those methods it's easy to get help while playing at the poker room.

While Super Stack Poker is pretty simple in design and its features, the site offers a good play experience for gamblers looking for solid poker options to pick through. Anyone interested in getting started with online poker without having to learn a complicated platform should take a moment to look at Super Stack poker.