Cake Poker

Poker has been famous gambling game since years. You can find them in motion pictures or movies of 60s and 70s where an actor used to come in cowboy outfit with a pistol fulfilling his gambling pleasures. Gone are those days now! You live in advanced world with greatest technology around making life easier and smoother than ever before. This goes same with poker game too. Online poker games are one of the most famous game plays across the world. Cake Poker started in the year of 2004 with just a small team having an aim to design a better poker game site developed something that would rock the Internet gambling zone. They had firmly decided that and finally they made it.

Game Play

Today, CakePoker offers poker players a realistic game play that has excellent graphics giving virtual flair to the game. The software used for the game is reliable and totally secured. Its simple, sober though structured with modern technology's touch really catches everybody's eye. CakePoker is also far-famed for one-of-a-kind promotions and generous rewards. You are offered with lots of bonuses such as signup bonus and promotional offers to motivate your gambling spirit that would keep you turned on throughout your gaming period.

Great Community

CakePoker is proud to hold the most lucrative referral programs in the industry offering you great online gambling experience. You should remember that when you play the game, you are not all alone. There are hundreds of millions of people who would share or join your as partners or opposite partners.

Free Poker Account

When you make up your mind playing poker online, you should get your free account. You just need to make few clicks and you are registered with the site. Once done, you are rewarded with signup bonus and then you can start gambling. Mind it that you are given many bonuses as you cross certain stages so there is nothing to lose! Bonuses such as Million Dollar Freeroll Series, Canadian Cake, Cake DownUnder, Gold Card Daily Lottery and Gold Card Jackpots are always waiting for you to come and grab them.

Online Poker Banking Options

The transactions at CakePoker are safe and secure. It has powerful software to avoid any mistakes during the transactions. You are allowed to do it with ePassporte, Netellernon usa, VISAusa friendly or MASTERCARD. You can easily deposit the money or withdraw the money that you have had won in bets. The entire gaming technique is powered by COMODO verification engine making it one of the most trustful sites in the world. CakePoker constantly checks up each and every transaction made on it and tries its level best to protect your personal details including credit card information. It is ensured that you are playing safe and secured.

Great Online Support

The service at CakePoker< is just an ideal customer care that it has to be. You can go through FAQs for your general queries. If you do not find your question there, you can contact them clicking on 'support'. You can also find any issues that CakePoker is aware of and working on resolving it.